3 Reasons for Enrolling Your Child in Swim Lessons

Are you thinking about enrolling your child in swimming lessons? If you are, you have come to the right blog. I will outline the top 3 reasons why swimming is an incredibly important, lifesaving skill — one of which each child should have the opportunity to learn.

  • Learning Safety Skills

    According to The Center for Disease Prevention, drowning is the number one cause of death in children under the age of 4. It is because of this statistic that learning basic aquatic safety skills are necessary. A few skills that fall under this category are as follows: maintaining a comfortable and relaxed state, breath control, correct body positioning, learning buoyancy and floating, kicking and kicking with a forward movement. Make sure you are asking questions about what skills your child will be learning when they begin their swim lessons.

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  • Foundational Pillars for Success

    Participation in swimming lessons promotes a healthy low-impact exercise and lifestyle that can shape many aspects of a young persons development. Conquering one’s fear of the water builds trust and socialization skills with the instructor as well as helps to build confidence. Regular swimming lessons (minimum of 2 lessons a week is recommended) promotes a scheduled routine in a fun environment. Children also learn how to preserver until a skill or goal is achieved. These skills are just a few that are learned early on. The longer you keep your child enrolled in swimming lessons the more confident they will become.

  • Opens the Door to Other Hobbies/Sports

    Swim lessons at any age can lead to the confidence one needs to try other water related activities. Whether you want your child participating in birthday swim parties or you are an avid surfer and want your child learning how to surf, swim lessons lead to an array of possibilities. Other water related sports include competitive swimming, SUP (Stand up paddling), surfing, water polo, or perhaps joining a junior lifeguard program.

Whatever your reasoning is for enrolling your child in a swim program; you are doing your child a huge service. Aquatic safety is a lifelong skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly and can potentially lead to a life benefited by a love for the water.

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