Have you decided your child needs to learn to swim?

As someone who has taught swimming for the past 15 years, I can honestly tell you that your doing your child a huge service by enrolling them in lessons. Regardless of the format of the lesson, there are many invaluable benefits of swim lessons in ways I have covered in a different blog titled Top 3 reasons for enrolling your child in swimming lessons, check it out! Good job parents. Now, where do I enroll them? I will discuss the differences that I have encountered below as well as remind you that whichever path you choose, enrolling your child in swim lessons is the definite answer!

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Group Lesson

1. Schedule  

You pick the schedule based on your needs. Instructors come to you.


Schedule of lessons are available for you to choose which works with your schedule. You drive to the pool.
2. Focus  

Individualized to your child’s skill level. Lesson is fully catered towards one child.


Group centered around learning skills; not much one-on-one individualized attention to ensure skills are performed correctly.
3. Efficiency  

Each lesson progresses as your child progresses. Skills are more likely to be completed quicker than rec. group lessons.


In each group package, the child completes the lesson whether they have successfully learned a skill. Some children may be too advanced where as others may hold up skill development. Make sure your child is in the appropriate lesson for the age and ability.
4. Price  


In home private lessons begin at either $30 or $40 each depending on if you have a 2nd child participating.


Recreational group lessons differ in price according to each facility. Check your nearest rec. facility and or city pool for availability and pricing.
5.Flexibility/ Socialization with peers  

Utmost flexibility to add more lessons. Little to no distractions. Socialization is limited to the instructor and child for complete focus.


Once your in a group lesson, you will need to finish that package. There may be distractions from other children and parents. Your child will be able to socialize with their peers.


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