Should You Hire a Pool Party Lifeguard?


If you have come to this blog, you are contemplating hiring a private lifeguard for a water related event or party. As your blogger and someone who has over 10 years experience as a pool and beach lifeguard, I can honestly say, “hire a lifeguard!” Drownings happen every single day and are known as a “silent killer” because of the nature of someone slipping under water unnoticed and unheard.

Parents and partygoers should not and do not have the ability to ensure safety. Don’t obligate a parent to keep watch; hire a private lifeguard!

Lifeguards are trained professionals who have skills that a normal every day person does not. We recognize signs of distress and practice preventative techniques, such as proper scanning and seat placement to make sure our visibility is optimal. We are trained in a variety of rescues that accommodate spinal injuries, deep water submersions, rescue breathing, first aid, and CPR, to name a few.

As a past lifeguard who has dealt first hand with numerous rescues even a drowning, I know that when the going gets tough, people freak out! Hire a trained lifeguard that is able to stay calm, act professionally and use their training when and if needed.

If you find yourself searching the web for a private pool party lifeguard for hire and want to make sure they are Certified, Experienced and Insured? Check out our lifeguard services page for more details: Private Lifeguard Services 

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