For the last few years, The Swimming Swan has provided safe, quality swimming lessons to a preschool in San Diego County that has their own private swim pool. We have had such a wonderful time teaching their little ones in a group setting of 3 to 4 children during each lesson. Being able to utilize the entire pool and teach about water safety played a crucial role in the development of these littles swimmer's aquatic upbringing. Not only was this a private and quiet setting, we also brought in various equipment to maximize teaching and have fun at the same time! We are happy to mention that many of our most timid swimmers progressed well and are now enjoying the water.

If you own a school and have a swimming pool on the premises, have you ever considered offering an aquatic program to your students? If you would like to add add water safety courses or a learn to swim program for your kiddo's; The Swimming Swan's Team is here for you! Our Team of Swim Instructors, Lifeguards and Coaches are here for you for your specific needs. We can schedule back to back swimming lessons for groups of children and will come in and set the entire program up. We can even have a lifeguard on deck as well!

For more information on our school partnerships: Daycare Partnerships


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