With the end of summer approaching, make sure to check out these family favorite films!

5 Top Family Movies of the Summer

With summer knocking on the door, there is a lot of excitement at the moment especially regarding family movies. Let’s go over some of the movies that you can watch with your kids and have some fun.

A Dog's Purpose
The story of a devoted dog called Josh and its incredible experience. Like humans, it has its own feelings which are translated through a relationship with a kindred spirit named Ethan.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Young Greg Heffley was planning to spend just another ‘summer’. But his mother turns the table when she forces him to take a long road trip to attend a birthday party.

Max 2: White House Hero
Max is no ordinary canine - after all he has been assigned to the President’s Secret Service detail. How far can he go?

Bigger Fatter Liar
Kevin creates a buzz in the world of video gaming using his talent. However, he and his friend team up to punish a major game executive who stole his idea.

Set in late 19th century Paris, Ballerina is the story of an orphan who arrives in the city of light with one dream: to become a dancer. To get enrolled in the Opera Ballet School, she is ready to do anything - like acting as a spoiled brat.


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