Are you a parent looking for a private Swim Instructor that can teach a group of kids in your neighborhood at your community swimming pool? Does your child have a group of friends that all need to learn water safety and swimming skills? Does the group need flexibility and does it make more sense to have an instructor that can accommodate your schedule and more importantly, at your pool?

The Swimming Swan’s Team of Coaches, Instructors and Lifeguard’s work privately for families and communities seeking an alternative learn to swim program. We follow the American Red Cross learn to swim rubric and make sure skills are taught in a methodical way. Because of this unique approach, we ask that a parent or guardian help with the scheduling of these classes. For example, a parent can help with gathering information from the families involved such as specific time slots that work best, ages and abilities of the swimmers and obtaining contact information for our team so that we can complete the group swim registration and obtain documents needed from each family. We make this easy and send out individual waivers and invoices to all parties involved.

In the past, Our team has taught learn to swim programs for groups of up to 20 swimmers. This is normally broken down into 5 back-to-back 25 minute lessons with groups of up to 4 swimmers in each lesson.

For additional details please see: Swim Lesson Pricing Community Swim Programs

We can also provide a lifeguard to ensure maximum safety or a parent(s) would be required to be present and seated with the swimmers. We normally recommend lessons twice a week. If you have any questions about our private learn to swim programs or Lifeguard services, please contact us here. If your community HOA requires proof of insurance or would like the additional coverage, please let us know.

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