Establishing a healthy relationship with the water can provide so many benefits to the body and the mind. There are multiple reasons that swim lessons can benefit you and your child. One of the main reasons most parents consider swim lessons, is for the obvious of wanting their child to learn the skill of swimming. Which is a skill they will use their entire life. Safety is a pivotal reason to put your children in swim lessons as young as possible. Swim Lessons provide so many other benefits, not only for safety, but also to be able to enjoy how this healthy activity can improve many aspects of your life. Gifting your child with the ability to be a strong, safe swimmer, is the gift that will keep on giving. Becoming a swimmer will ensure you are instilling confidence and a natural way to love being active.
is definitely the number one reason children should learn to swim at a young age. In California, Florida and Arizona , drowning is the leading cause of accidental death to children under age five. Drowning incidents usually happen in familiar surroundings for children, such as their own pool or a pool they are around often. Drownings happen quickly! A child can drown in the time it takes to answer a phone call. The number one way to prevent this from happening is by getting your child in the water young, with swim lessons. The Swimming Swan provides the best private, certified, swim instructors to teach your child the proper techniques that can safe their life.
provides a lot of entertainment for the whole family! With the warm, and sometimes torturously hot, temperatures around the corner this summer, getting the family in the water is sometimes the only option to keep everyone busy and cool at the same time, all while having fun. From local splash pads, a day at the beach, water parks, play dates at local city pools or evenings spent barbecuing by your own pool, the water is everywhere to be enjoyed! Submerging yourself in a body of cool water on a hot summer day can feel so good. Making sure everyone is a safe swimmer makes all of these activities so much more enjoyable, giving you peace of mind that accidents are not happening. Summer also means a whole lot of kids birthday parties centered around a pool. Making sure your child is a strong swimmer, makes attending and enjoying these parties a breeze.
Swim lessons provide a wonderful way to stay active. Swimming provides incredible cardiovascular exercise, without straining the joints. Instilling the importance of moving your body at a young age can prevent health issues from arising later on in your child’s life. Swim lessons at a young age allow children to be comfortable in the water, as well as their own skin, and establish a positive relationship with their body and all that it can do for them. When they are able to learn a new skill and technique, and witness the value of their own strength, confidence is immediately instilled. Keeping your kids healthy through finding a way for them to enjoy exercise, is a great perk, besides safety, of getting your swim lessons started soon.
Your schedule is full. We know that. Adding swim lessons to that already jam packed schedule of your busy family can be challenging, but the benefits far out weigh the time constraints. The Swimming Swan tries to make it as easy as possible for you to get these lessons in by coming directly to you, in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule.

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