Our Event Lifeguards at the TacoBell Pop-up Party in Palm Springs!

By: Ariel Mackey

Over the weekend, The Swimming Swan had the pleasure of lifeguarding a pop-up party that Taco Bell hosted in Palm Springs. The festivities’, as you can guess, we're very colorful and “spicy”!

We are not limited to any pool party, call us and we’re there! The Event lasted a magnificent 5 days, with performing artists, synchronized swimmers, specialty guests, social media influencers, drinks, food and HEAT!

Upon arrival, the first thing noticed was the amount of work that went into taking over a hotel for just the weekend. The Original name of this establishment is called “The V Palm Springs”, and was transformed into “The Bell” over a period of one week.

Two pool areas, one turned into a stage, a bar, and a restaurant! We had hot sauce designed towels, hot sauce pool floats, hot sauce flowers in the hair, taco t-shirts and shorts, taco bikinis and sunglasses. You think taco- they had taco everything. Except maybe taco flavored drinks… However, they did have specialized drinks with watermelon popsicles and cucumber spritzers.

The pool was the place to be, not only because of the heat, but it being front row to the stage. Cool off, while watching a show!? Some of the artists who performed included: Fletcher, WHETHAN, and Tate Tucker. Other social media influencers walked around, and even Jeffree Star made an appearance.

Mid day Saturday and Sunday synchronized swimmers called “The Aqualillies” performed in the pool, wearing a red hot sauce one piece to a series of songs. They sang, danced, flipped, and kicked around in the pool while getting cheered on by the surrounding crowd. It was really a sight!

As the days went on, new guests flooded the pool and the “Baja Bar”.  This is where the lifeguarding duties come in, and as the drinking continues, you tend to see people get a little more wild.  We have to watch a little more closely when people are floating around with their sunglasses on. At that point the heat was so extreme we needed to keep the folks out of the Jacuzzi and keep hydrated. When in the heat like that, some are more sensitive and can collapse from dehydration. Everyone is different, so keeping an eye and making internal note on some of them is key.

Overall, everyone over the weekend was extremely well behaved, and no saving was necessary! The continuous vibe was controlled, fun and funky. The food was good, the drinks were good, the people were GREAT. Taco Bell did well.

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