Bumpin’ to The Beat: An Ode to a Buoyant Belly

By Christina Pasetta

Pregnancy and fun fitness routines can be a tough, though blissful, balance - finding time between creating life and maintaining the life before this little one took residence. One’s ever changing and growing, shifting and adjusting figure may lead to feeling overwhelmed and out of shape compared to those without a tiny hitch hiker. Cue the bumps best friend- buoyancy!

Water wellness routines will help lift the physical strains of pregnancy- 90% weightlessness awaits. It is a load off your shoulders, feet, hips, back, and the many aches that accompany 10 months of baby makin’, letting you (both) stay healthy and fit. Doulas, midwives, doctors, and fellow moms agree- keeping a healthy lifestyle while pregnant lowers one’s health risks for themselves and their growing baby.  Aquatics facilities often host gestational water aerobics and workouts which can lessen the impacts of pregnancy’s side effects on joints, sciatica, swelling, among others.

Bumpin' to the beat keeps muscles toned while the water embraces and readies us for all the joys and intensity of pregnancy. Joining water activities with other Moms to be may be a wonderful bonding activity, enjoying and sometimes commiserating together through shared experience.

Mom’s healthy lifestyle will be a blueprint for her future generations. The in utero experiences of the fetus will echo the diet, preferences, and so many more hormonal conversations with Mom, forever. A more balanced daily routine will influence the health of one’s lineage.

Take a carefree dip in the clean and serene liquid of life while you make a new one. Make sure the waters are purified, or avoid dipping under precarious ponds where unknown pathogens may do harm if swallowed. A fun baby moon getaway to the coast, lakes, or island vacay can be a relaxing respite and earned opportunity to treat yo’ self.

However, keep the spa day to a reasonable time limit. The precautions are warranted for hot tubs specifically, as their name implies, may cause overheating.

Step into liquid to overcome the post baby blues. Postpartum, new mothers face endless new challenges, feeling overwhelmed depression can creep in. All exercise is helpful to mood boost, but swimming and water workouts can better ease tender bodies into the flow of ones new normal than more jarring workouts demand.

Make time for yourself and your growing little one(s) and ease into weightless wellness with The Swimming Swan aquatic fitness classes today!

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