Fall Fun for the Whole Family!

Fall swimming fun for the whole family!

Did you know apples and pumpkins float? They float because they are less dense than the water. They  are buoyant. Some cities like Chandler, AZ offer fall pool activities. At the Mesquite Groves Aquatic  Center, they have The Pumpkin Dunk. It is a floating pumpkin patch where families can get in the heated  pool to search for their favorite pumpkins. Later there is a costume contest. Registration and fees are required. (It appears the event is full this year… ) But I say make your own fun! If you have a backyard  pool …plop some pumpkins and apples in the pool. Make it a fall activity for all.  

With adult supervision let the kids swim and search for their own pumpkin. Then have a safe carving  area and decorate the pumpkins. Save the pumpkin seeds, clean them, and put on a cookie sheet, add  salt or cinnamon and sugar for a baked delicious treat. Make it a game as too who can find the most red  and green apples in the pool. Later clean, peel and slice the apples using kid safe utensils. Then everyone  can make an apple pie or apple crisp, to enjoy.  

Remember the ABCs of Water Safety…  

A=Always swim with Adult Supervision. 

B=Barrier, have a fence around the pool with a self-latching lock. 

C= Swim with Coast Guard approved life jacket, know CPR.


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