Aqua Fitness Classes

Are you looking for a water aerobics class or aqua therapy class and do you prefer private instruction taught in the comfort of your own backyard or community swimming pool? The Swimming Swan’s aqua fitness instructors are here for you. All classes can be tailored according to your needs. We can help you work on coordination, balance flexibility, muscle strength, building endurance and even high-intensity exercises. Our Aqua fitness instructors all have a minimum of 3 years experience teaching group lessons and are all: ASFA (Water Aerobics Instructor Certification), AEA (Water Fitness Professional Certification), or AFPA (Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification) certified. Let us know how we can help you today!


  • 1-1, 1-4 max or 1-8 max (instructor to participant ratio)
  • $65 per class, split amongst number of participants
  • 50 Minute Classes
  • *All classes can be tailored to the individuals ability level*

Swan Fit

Proactive arthritis/overall fitness class. Work on balance and coordination, while increasing range of motion, joint flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness, without causing strain.

Aqua Power Hour

Interval based full body workout. Focus is on increasing fitness level while incorporating strength for all major muscle groups.


Tabata-style format. Delivers a safer on the joint alternative while utilizing the resistance of the water to keep the intensity up! Eight rounds of high-intensity exercise are performed in a specific “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” interval.

Swan Lake

High energy dance format. Hitting the water with your favorite dance moves and grooves while cushioning your knees, feet and back. Creating one fun pool party you won’t want to miss!

Swan Strength

Strength and endurance workout. Deep water and floating belts optional. Challenge your stamina with exercises targeted at full body strength from the core to out.

Ready to get moving?