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The Swimming Swan, Private In-Home Aquatics Instruction and Lifeguard Services.

Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement is between The Swimming Swan, LLC (company) and (Independent Contractor) for the contractor position of Said Coordinator work beginning January 1,2019.

As part of this agreement, the above-mentioned parties agree to the following:

  • The contractor acts independently of the company in fulfilling the Coordinator Position. The contractor is NOT an employee of the company.
  • In acting as an Independent Contractor, they  may be able to deduct any legal business expenses incurred by him or her in servicing the companies Coordinating related tasks. Contractor may want to consult with a tax professional regarding tax deductions.
  • Any expenses related to the deliverance of the services incurred by the Coordinator including for example, your internet and electricity bill are the sole responsibility of the contractor and are not the company’s responsibility.
  • Contractor uses his or her own equipment and tools in performing duties.
  • Contractor is responsible for his/her own estimated tax filings, withholding, social security taxes and any other taxes associated with Independent Contractor status.
  • Contractor is not eligible for any employee benefits of company.
  • Contractor’s benefits with company are listed wholly within this agreement.
  • If any part of this agreement is found to be void by a court of law of appropriate jurisdiction, the remainder of the agreement will continue in effect.

Coordinating Responsibilities:

These responsibilities will change and will be discussed as operational duties fluctuate.

Payment to the Coordinator by Company:

Payment is given at an hourly rate and is paid bi-weekly. Any payments due are given out on the 15th and 30th/31st at the end of each respective month.

I have read the above Independent Contractor Agreement, understand its content, and agree to be legally bound by it:

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