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  • Is the Pool Open? 
    • Yes, the pool reopens on May 1st, 2021. There are operating modifications in place to maintain a safe, cleanly environment during the pandemic. Pre-Reservations made online are required to enter the pool in addition to having your active Cadence Master Key Card.
  • How do I reserve space at the group?
    • Reservations must be made online, you can make them here. You will be asked to select your preferred open swim date/time and identify the swimmers in your group by Name. (Maximum of 6 Same Household Family Members).
  • How far in advance can I reserve space at the pool?
    • Reservations may be made one week (7 days) in advance. This policy will help maintain a fair environment for the many families of the Cadence Community.
  • How do I cancel my reservation?
    • Reservations can be cancelled online or through the email/text that is sent to you. 
  • What should I bring to check-in for my reserved swim time?
    • Upon arriving to the pool for your designated swim time, please bring your Cadence Master Key Card for admittance. We also suggest you are swim ready in your bathing suit, bring your own towel and water bottle as the Water Fountain is currently closed. The showers are also closed so its best practice to rinse off at home prior to arriving at the pool.
  • How many members in my family are able to swim in the same reservation?
    • There are a maximum of 6 members in the same family allowed to participate in the same reservation.
  • My neighbor and I want to reserve our families together, is that possible?
  • What are the procedures for sanitizing and disinfecting to ensure my family is safe while at the pool?
  • My child wants to go to the pool. Are they able to swim on their own?
    • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted on the pool deck without adult supervision. Children 14 to 18 years of age, must make reservations online and a parent/guardian will be required to sign the Covid Waiver form as a part of their child’s reservation. Youth (14 to 18 years of age) must bring their Youth Cadence Master Key Card with them to the pool.
  • What happens if we show up early for our swim reservation?
    • We ask that you do not show up more than 5 minutes early for your reserved swim time block. Our staff need to ensure appropriate occupancy levels on the pool deck and are also sanitizing and disinfecting high touch surface areas to maintain a safe and cleanly environment for our next group of swimmers.
  • Can we bring more than 6 people in our family?
    • No, 6 family members are the maximum allowed per reservation. If you have more than 6 family members that would like to enjoy the afternoon at the pool, please check for any additional open reservations.
  • Can I modify the swim time block?
    • No, the swim time blocks are not available for modifications. Swim time blocks and the 15 minute closures have been created to maintain appropriate occupancy numbers on the pool deck by the Nevada guidelines and allow our pool monitor team time for sanitation and disinfection of high tough surfaces.
  • Can I reserve multiple time blocks throughout the day?
  • What are the Nevada Local Guidelines about community swimming pools?

    No new changes have occurred with the governor’s mandates (see Section 29) for community/ recreational facilities.  Beginning on Feb 15, 2021 capacity increased to 50% for gym/fitness centers per the governor’s mandates (see Section 14), yet hot tubs remain closed.  Spas as they mention in the next link below are referencing health spas and should not be confused with those hot tubs located at HOA facilities.  A document was created to assist facilities with navigating the directives above. 

     Regarding opening of the pool area, information from the CDC provides information with operating procedures and protocols for cleaning

     There are signage requirements which can be downloaded and additional information on SNHD website including a frequently asked questions page.  Social distancing is still in effect and there’s still reduced capacity requirements for bathers.  All hot tubs are still mandated to remain closed and inaccessible to bathers until further notice. 

     Commonly recommended or required mitigation measures are still the best way to protect bathers.  A critical component of a successful reopening plan is that current restrictions must be eased incrementally, and we continue to follow the mitigation measures that are proven to work, including:

      • limiting the number of people in the enclosure,
      • social distancing of at least 6 feet,
      • requiring the use of masks when not in the water,
      • increasing ventilation, and
      • using disinfectants on high-touch surfaces.

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