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Homeowners Association Aquatics Programs


At The Swimming Swan, we understand water safety and we know how to leverage our team and technology to bring our services to a variety of different facilities in particular with Homeowners Association communities. Our main philosophy is to keep it simple for you while we take care of the rest. From managing swim lesson programs to conducting in-services, our management and on-site team conducts facility visits, safety checks, creates emergency action plans, provides pool equipment and fulfills insurance needs.

Pool Operations and Management

From the very first day we hear your needs, we are in preparation to make this a success. We understand the privilege it is to expand our mission while creating a win-win situation for your community. Whether your facility needs preliminary water safety consulting or you are looking for full-service management, we are always willing to work with your budget and will do our best to match any competitors’ offerings while providing transparency along the way.


Our Story

After 18 years of teaching privately, Melissa Louise Swanson founded The Swimming Swan LLC, in August 2014. What began as a regular day of teaching, ended in a traumatic near – drowning experience. With no lifeguard on-duty and kids in the pool, Melissa was able to stop her lessons and resuscitate a young child. This experience paired with several families seeking private instruction, lead to the development of our company and a systematic approach to resolving the lack of lifeguards and individual coaches that countless families seek on a regular basis.


In order to do our best to help during covid-19 and the pandemic, we have added pool monitor services to help community associations reopen their swimming pools. We understand that many families are seeking normalcy and as summer approaches, heading to the pool is a strong desire. Our pool monitor services include a community exclusive webpage with a reservation system that enables residents to reserve time at the community pool. We also have procedures in place to sanitize and disinfect areas, guidelines to maintain social distancing and CDC required PPE use and more.

Community Associations Institute Business Partner

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We offer a full range of services from the ground up or to compliment existing programs in select areas.

  • Manage Learn-to-Swim Programs
  • Youth and Masters Swim Team Development
  • Independent Study Physical Education Swim Programs (ISPE)
  • Aqua Fitness Services
  • Lifeguard Management Services
  • Pre-Service Training, In-Service Training, Performance Reviews and Audits
  • Conduct On-Site Certification Courses
  • Certified Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Services - Operational & Mechanical Systems Safety Checks
  • Comprehensive Technology Platforms with Community App. functionality via Apple/Android
  • General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation
  • Instructional, Rescue, First Aid and Safety Equipment Purchases
  • Nationally recognized and Independent Learn to Swim Curriculums
  • Promotional Marketing Materials
  • On-Call, Seasonal or Year-Round Services
  • Additional Management capabilities including for: cashiers, locker room attendants, concession personnel
  • Risk Management
  • COVID-19 Pool Monitor Services including reservation systems for pool use
  • Aquatic Attractions and Waterfront Operational Management
  • Model Health Aquatic Code MHAC Guidelines & Review of State specific Bathing Codes

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