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Private Swim Lessons and Lifeguard Services
in Pinellas County, FL

Do you live in the lovely Pinellas County, Florida area and does your family love being outside and by the beach? As an individual living in this beautiful, water-way filled area, you most likely understand the importance of knowing water safety skills in the event that you or a loved one is at the beach or in the pool. Knowing how to swim is a crucial intangible skill that all Floridians should know and our Pinellas Team of Swimming Instructors cater to your exact aquatic needs. If the kids need a refresher with their stroke work so that they are able to fully swim across the pool; we will work with them on their endurance and floating so that they are completely confident and are having fun!

Is there a grandparent or an elderly person who wants to head back into the pool for a low impact exercise? Swimming is by far the best exercise out there for any joint pain. Our team will help you and the entire family with either back to back private swimming lessons or small group lessons. Simply complete our Pinellas County, Florida swimming registration and our team will contact you immediately. Do you have any questions? We are here for you so don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you in need of a Certified Lifeguard this summer for an upcoming birthday pool party in Pinellas County? Our Team has you covered and will travel to you on the date of your event so you can enjoy yourself and everyone can stay safe.


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