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Swimming lessons in Riverside, California

There is no shortage of sunshine in Riverside, which means the average daily temperatures will be in the low 80s.  With the steady heat, people in Riverside head to swimming pools and aquatic cool zones throughout the county. Keeping you and your family safe at the pool is the Number 1 Priority and this means everyone needs to know water safety and at the very least – basic swimming skills.

The Swimming Swan‘s Riverside, CA Team of Veteran Swimming Instructors, Coaches and Lifeguards are hand-selected by their experience, certifications and professionalism. Want to get the kids in swimming lessons in Riverside but don’t want teenagers teaching them? Let our staff of Aquatic Trainers travel to you for in home swimming lessons in Riverside County! We make swimming lessons flexible and most importantly – individualized and catered specifically to each swimmers’ needs.

Our easy online swimming registration and payment system make scheduling and starting your Riverside swimming lessons as easy as pie! Whether its one swimmer or a group of swimmers, just let us know who’s in for swimming lessons and we will take care of the rest!

Are you hosting a backyard pool party in Riverside, CA and would you like to hire a Red Cross Certified lifeguard on deck to keep your guests safe? Let our Team of lifeguards keep you safe so that you and everyone in attendance can enjoy themselves.


Fill out our easy Registration Form and pay online



Once registration is approved your instructor will contact you



Dive in and learn how to swim like a swan!



Purchase additional lessons as your child progresses


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