Are you throwing a pool party and need a Certified Lifeguard?

Give yourself and your party-goers peace of mind knowing there is a Certified Lifeguard practicing preventative lifeguard skills to keep everyone safe and happy. It’s always best practice to have a trained professional at any pool party or event maintaining a visual in and around the pool.

Lifegaurd Pricing

Small Party Lifeguard
Large Event/Festival

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Fuel Surcharge

  • If an Event is more than 10 miles from an available Lifeguard, there will be a Commute/Fuel fee ranging between $12 – $50. We will do our best to provide you with lifeguards in your area.
  • Palm Springs and Coachella Event Lifeguard Services: Minimum 4 Hour Event + $100  Commute/Fuel fee
  • San Francisco Bay Area: $15 hourly Surcharge per Lifeguard 
  • Sonoma and Napa Counties: $50 Commute/Fuel fee for each lifeguard required.

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