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Lifeguards for Hire

Red Cross Certified Lifeguards available for any pool party no matter how large or small. Our lifeguard staff are available for: for-hire events, seasonal and year-round services. Our Staff are all covered by our General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Policies.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) services are available in select areas.

Lifeguard Pricing

Small Event - Single Day
Large Event - Single and Multi-Day

More Details

Premium Surcharge

  • If an Event is more than 10 miles away from an available Lifeguard staff member, Travel Fee’s will be added to the bill. 
  • Travel Fee’s range from zero to $200 per day depending on size, duration and distance to and from the venue.
  • San Francisco Bay Area: $15 hourly Surcharge per Lifeguard 
  • Palm Springs and Coachella Event Lifeguard Services: Minimum 4 Hour Event + Travel Fee. 
  • Sonoma and Napa Counties: Minimum 4 Hour Event + Travel Fee. 
  • Certificate of Insured/Additional Insured available for purchase.
  • All staff are covered under our Commercial General Liability Insurance + Worker’s Compensation Policy.
  • Non-Profits with verifiable EIN’s are refunded 10% after 7 days of services rendered.
  • Registration Fee’s and Travel Fee’s are non-refundable.
  • Credit Card Fee 2.9% added for each electronic payment.

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