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Is each member of your family safe while cooling off at the beach or swimming in the pool? The Swimming Swan is here to help you be certain that your family is safe in any aquatic setting in Alameda County, CA! We offer the best in-home private, semi-private, and group aquatic instruction by our certified and experienced team of swimming instructors in the Bay Area. Our expert Swim Instructors travel directly to you and can teach at any pool of your choosing. We can teach at any of the following: backyard pools, community pools, hotel pools, country club pools and public pools (if permitted).

Are you hosting a pool party in Alameda County? Throwing a birthday beach bash for your child? Our Red Cross Certified lifeguards are ready to assist. Certified, Insured and Veteran Staff are here for you.

Our Team

Alameda County Swimming Instructors

    • Thien Nguyen

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    • Dano Fowler

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    • Samantha Nieves

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    • Andy Higuera

    • 5 Reviews
    • Nicole Nelson

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