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Are you a busy mom with little ones running around that need to get in the pool and learn their safety skills in Marin County, CA? Perhaps your toddler loves bath time and is ready to take the plunge into the pool with an experienced swimming instructor who can work one-on-one to give you the peace of mind your looking for. Our Marin County swimming instructors, coaches and lifeguards provide in-home swimming lessons for all ages and all abilities starting at just 6 months old. No more wondering how you’re going to juggle a busy schedule while getting the kids to the pool for the group lessons. Our Team travels to you!

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Marin County Swimming Instructors

    • Thien Nguyen

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    • Julia Thompson

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    • Dano Fowler

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    • Samantha Nieves

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    • Andy Higuera

    • 5 Reviews
    • Nicole Nelson

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