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Our Broward County FL Team of Swimming Instructors, Coaches and Lifeguards are highly vetted with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. We follow the Red Cross teaching rubric however because our team consists of the best of the best aquatic professionals, we somewhat  modify our lesson plans depending on who we are with. If you are an adult or senior who isn’t comfortable in the water yet, we will work with you in the shallow end on breathing techniques and supported floating so that you can gain the confidence you are looking for.

Broward County FL Lifeguards for Hire


Do you need a lifeguard on deck for your next South Florida pool party? With so many water ways, pools and beaches in the region, it’s crucial that a Certified lifeguard be on deck so that everyone remains safe and goes home. Let our Broward County private lifeguards help you and your guests have fun and stay safe. We are here for you!

Private Swim Programs in Broward County FL

Corporate Partnerships available throughout South Florida. Our Aquatics team provides full-service aquatics programs including pool and lifeguard management, community swimming programs and learn-to-swim kid lessons, aqua fitness classes and red cross certification trainings.

Broward County, FL Swimming Instructors and Lifeguards

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