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Do you live in Hillsborough County, Florida and would you like the kids to take swimming lessons this summer? Is the community pool right next door to your home and is it the perfect setting for afternoon lessons? The Swimming Swan is designed for you! Our Hillsborough, FL Team of Swimming Instructors, Coaches and Certified Lifeguards travel to the pool of your choosing to provide private at home aquatic services.

Private Swim Lessons in Hillsborough County FL


If your baby is ready to be introduced to the pool and you are a mom looking for a swimming instructor that can teach you and your other mommy friends, let us help! Simply register online and our team will be contacted immediately with your specific request.

Lifeguards for Hire in Hillsborough County FL

Is your child’s birthday coming up and are you interested in hosting a backyard pool party for them? If you would like a lifeguard on deck in Hillsborough, The Swimming Swan’s Tampa Red Cross certified lifeguards will give you the peace of mind in knowing that there is a trained professional on deck. Our Team has gone through an extensive vetting process which includes a thorough background screening to ensure our Top Quality Team provides the services you are looking for. Please let us know if you have any questions as we are here to help!

Hillsborough County, FL Swimming Instructors and Lifeguards

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