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With so much beauty surrounding Palm Beach County, Florida its no wonder people like to enjoy being outside in the sunshine and by the pool! Knowing water safety skills, being able to swim across the pool and staying safe at pool parties is a vital part of being in South Florida. The Swimming Swan’s Team of Certified and Experienced Instructors, Coaches and Lifeguards work in a private setting for your specific aquatic needs.



Palm Beach County FL Swimming Lessons


Private at-home swimming lessons for the whole family in Palm Beach County FL. We work with babies (6 months and up), children and adults no matter the swimming skill. If your child has had group swim lessons and needs individual attention, we offer private lessons and teach the very basics such as breath control and floating to swimmers’ in need of stroke technique and building endurance.

Lifeguard Services in Palm Beach County FL


Do you have a special request? Are you hosting a pool party and would you like a few Certified lifeguards on deck to keep watch of all of your guests? Our Team of Palm Beach private lifeguards travel to you so you can rest assured everyone stays safe and goes home! Let us know how we can help you today.


Palm Beach County FL

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Palm Beach County, FL Swimming Instructors and Lifeguards

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