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Santa Clara County

There is no question that Santa Clara County, California is an active community full of athletes and more importantly – swimmers in the gorgeous setting of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are a family searching for a swim coach or instructor that can teach your little ones so that they can grow and enjoy all that comes with water safety, then our Team of Aquatics Professionals may be for you.

Our Santa Clara Team consists of Swim Instructors, Coaches and Lifeguards that work at the private level. If you have access to a backyard pool or community pool and are looking for an alternative aquatics approach to your families’ water safety needs, we can definitely help. Certified, Insured & Highly Experienced – we are here for you.

Our Team

Santa Clara Swimming Instructors

    • Thien Nguyen

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    • Julia Thompson

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    • Dano Fowler

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    • Samantha Nieves

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    • Andy Higuera

    • 5 Reviews
    • Nicole Nelson

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