Concord, Contra Costa County CA

Northern California


With so many bodies of water in Concord, knowing how to swim is a must. The most prominent of which are Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek, Benicia Public Pier; Beach, and Sail FreeDom. These places are full of fun water activities and some exhilarating pools. However, before you put on your swimsuit, you have to know swimming in the first place. Fortunately, The Swimming Swan arranges swimming lessons for both child and parents. Our goal is to help your youngsters get acquainted with the aquatic world, while ensuring foolproof security. As a part of this trend, our group swimming lessons includes various activities such as basic water entry, monkey crawl, bubble blowing, front kicking and back floating, games and songs, and playing with water toys. They make the whole learning process more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for swimming lessons in Concord for your child or yourself, Our team of swimming instructors are here for you.