Newbury Park

Private Swimming Lessons in Newbury Park

Are you a senior looking for a low impact exercise in Newbury Park, California? Do you have access to a swimming pool or perhaps have one in the backyard that you would love to utilize more? If this is you, let us help you conquer this new endeavor and get you swimming fearlessly! Our Swimming Instructors travel to Newbury Park at your request to teach you privately and patiently. We do not dunk or force you to do skills you are not ready for. Our focus and goal is on building trust with our swimmers so that you are 100% comfortable in the water and are learning at your own pace. Let us know if you have any special requests as this helps make sure we are matching you with the best possible instructor.

Do you have children in Newbury Park, CA and would you like to get them signed up for swimming lessons? Is the backyard or community pool the perfect setting for your already busy schedule? Our Team works with you and your families needs to make this the best possible fit with a consistent schedule and Instructor.

Are you hosting a backyard birthday party and will your guests be swimming in the pool? If you would like a Red Cross Certified lifeguard to be present at your next party in Newbury Park, complete our online lifeguard registration and we will contact our team immediately. It always best practice to have a trained professional on deck closely watching all swimmers and non-swimmers. Let us know if you have any questions.