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Pacific Palisades

Is you're interested in a camp in Pacific Palisades, CA this summer but they need to progress their swimming strokes to be able to join? Perhaps they need to complete 2 laps of front crawl and haven’t been able to make it that far just yet. Why not try private swimming lessons in Pacific Palisades that is completely focused on your child’s needs to get them learning quickly and efficiently. Our swimming lessons are all individualized to each swimmer’s needs and most importantly, are flexible and convenient in the comfort of your own pool. No more fighting busy schedules or wondering how you are going to add another lesson into an already packed schedule.

Our online swimming registration, scheduling and billing makes starting your Pacific Palisades swimming lessons quick and fast! Let us know if you have any special requests or questions. The more information we know about your needs, the more informed our team is! We look forward to helping you achieve your swimming goals!