Pinole, Contra Costa County CA

Northern California


Pinole offers every means of recreation and enjoyment for both visitors and locals alike. Many parks in the area facilitate a range of activities to refresh visitors. Of which, the 4th of July celebration is the biggest. The state-of-the-art city swim center is a great opportunity for kids and adults to swim on a sunny day. The Swimming Swan is ready to meet your swimming needs. Our private swim coaches work with you on your individualized aquatic and health needs. If you are looking for a new low-impact aquatic workout, need to get in shape for a triathlon or other event, or are a student enrolled in an ISPE program – you have come to the right place. The Swimming Swan’s staff is made up of certified and experienced Swimming Instructors and USA Swim Coaches that have personal backgrounds in competitive swimming.

Let us know how we can help you with your Pinole swim training needs today, our Team is here for you!