Saratoga, Santa Clara County Ca

Northern California


Do you want to cross train for an event you’ve been training for and are you now thinking that swimming lessons are in order? Do you have access to a swimming pool? If you want to fully maximize your strength and conditioning and could benefit from a low-impact workout, The Swimming Swan is here for you in Saratoga, CA.

Our San Jose Team of Swimming Instructors travel to Saratoga and teach in-home and privately to focus in on your needs and get you progressing quickly. Do you want to  learn all four strokes or perhaps you're ready for consistent lap swimming and need to learn how to flip turn? Let us know how we can help you or simply let us perform an assessment on Day 1 and come up with a plan that works for you.

Lifeguard Services in Saratoga are available for on-call events and seasonal/year-round management.