The Swimming Swan in Hillsborough County, FL

West Florida


Tampa is close to Florida’s sunny beaches, near fun-filled water parks, such as Adventure Island and nearly every community has a busy pool for preschool aged children to enjoy. Have you been looking for an Experienced, Professional and Certified swimming instructor to teach your child how to swim? The Swimming Swan is your solution! We offer private, in home swimming lessons for your entire family. Infants, toddlers and older child swim lessons are available to you in your own home or pool of your choice and convenience. We also offer special needs private swim lessons that are individualized to fit each swimmers’ needs. Our leading Tampa, FL swim instructors use a dedicated and patient approach while teaching methods on aquatic safety in and around the water for your little swimmer. All skills are taught first by explantation, then demonstration, correction and repetition.  Rest assured, your child will enjoy their swim lessons.

Have you ever wondered, “where can I take swim lessons as an adult”? Maybe you know how to swim, but want to work on stroke mechanics and technique.  Let our experienced swimming instructors come to you for adult in-home private swimming lessons. Are you already a swimmer, but training for a specific event? Triathlons are a fun past time in Tampa. Our private swim coaches can help get you ready for the big race and work on your stroke.  Our online swimming registration is easy and we can get you started quickly with a professional in your area.  Dive in and learn to swim like a swan!