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Private Swim Training & California ISPE Aquatics Program!

Adult advanced swimmer practicing her butterfly stroke.Our personal private in-home swim coaches work with you on your individualized aquatic and health needs. If you are looking for a new low-impact aquatic workout, need to get in shape for a triathlon or other event, or are a student enrolled in an ISPE program – you have come to the right place. The Swimming Swan’s staff is made up of certified and experienced Swimming Instructors and USA Swim Coaches that have personal backgrounds in competitive swimming.

California ISPE Program

Our ISPE program (Independent Study in Physical Education) is an educational option designed by the California Department of Education. ISPE affords students the opportunity to extend physical education learning activities beyond the school campus and regular school hours. ISPE is available to any new or continuing student entering grades 6-12. *This program consists of 2 lessons per week at 1.5 hours each lesson as well as a take home assignment which is required to be fulfilled by the student. Dry land exercises are paired with aquatic workouts for optimal strength and conditioning. The ultimate focus is on catering to your aquatic needs and personal goals.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa.

ISPE Aquatics Program includes:

 Advanced Technique work in Freestyle

 Advanced Technique work in Backstroke 

 Advanced Technique work in Breaststroke

 Advanced Technique work in Butterfly

 Individual Medley

 Sidestroke and Elementary Backstroke

 Starts, Turns & Finishes

 Flip turns

 Practices that condition, tone & stretch through low-impact workouts. 


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