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Preschool Swimming Lessons

Our at home toddler swimming lessons focus on basic water safety skills, survival self-rescue skills and progress towards your child learning how to swim independently. This is a structured lesson in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Games, playing with water toys and having fun are an integral part of the toddler learn-to-swim lesson. Our focus is on the child enjoying themselves, building self confidence and learning how to become more independent in an aquatic setting.


*Our Independent Swimming Curriculum is from Level 1 to Level 4. No matter the age of your child, they will all start at Level 1 working on the basics. Parents will not be in the water with your child if he/she is over the age of 3.


*Best Practice water safety tips for parents.

Student/Teacher Ratio 


We offer private (1:1) and semi-private (2 students learning together) swimming lessons.

45 minutes, Ages 3+


Kevin the Kiwi

Learn to Swim Level 2 with Kevin the Kiwi 

Skills Taught:



Safe Water Entry/Exit                                                           Reach for the Wall

Blowing Bubbles                                                                      Assisted Ice Cream Scoops

Face In, Eyes Open or Closed                                              Jumps & Recovery

Dunkaroo’s                                                                              Front & Back Glide

Retrieving Underwater Toys                                                Supported Front Crawl

Assisted Front/Back Floats                                                Supported Back Crawl

Kicking with Support                                                           Supported & Unsupported Roll Front/Back


Peter the PuffinLearn to Swim Level 3 with Peter the Puffin 

Skills Taught:



Level 2 Skills                                                                     Working on Unsupported Front/Back Crawl

Flutter Kicking                                                                 Changing directions while swimming

5 yards Independent Swim                                             Streamline with Kick

Jumps & Unsupported Recovery to Wall                   Intro to Breaststroke Kick

Intro to Elementary Backstroke                                  Front & Back Glides



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Dive in and learn how to swim like a swan!


Purchase additional lessons as your child progresses


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