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Adaptive Swimming Lessons

Our private one-on-one adaptive swimming lessons are catered for the student who needs extra attention. We work with people that have all types of disabilities from Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Congenital Disorders, Neurological System Disorders, Orthopedic Impairments as well as Sensory Impairments. Whatever the disability, our team is here for you. Parents and caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in-water during swimming lessons.


The goal of our special needs swimming lessons is to provide:

  1. Water safety kills and a safe environment
  2. Functional technical swimming skills through repetition
  3. A positive and enjoyable water experience
  4. Increased self esteem and body awareness
  5. Increased strength, flexibility and mobility
  6. Socialization and communication opportunities
  7. Inclusion into group swim lessons whenever possible


It is said that people who are limited by gravity on land can achieve independent movement in water with buoyancy. Water allows for three dimensional movement, which helps train body sensation, body awareness, joint position, spatial awareness and posture control.


In order to provide the most effective swim lesson experience, please tell us about the students’ unique processing style. For more information, please contact our office


  1. Is the swimmer a visual learner who learns through seeing?
  2. Is the swimmer an auditory learner who learns through listening?
  3. Is the swimmer a tactile/kinesthetic learner who learns through touching, moving and doing?
  4. Combination of these processing styles


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