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Swimming Programs

Are you looking for at-home swim lessons, coaches for your swim team, lifeguards for your pool party, aquatic fitness instructors for your community or certification courses for a career in the water? The Swimming Swan is your one-stop for Everything Water. We offer a huge variety of programs from the youngest to the oldest of swimmers whether you want to learn to swim or you’re looking for alternative services we have it all. Our team of Certified Swim Instructors, Coaches, and Lifeguards travels to you when your schedule permits for maximum flexibility and convenience. Our team follows the Red Cross Swim Lesson Curriculum with a slight variation depending on the swimmers’ exact needs.


Parent & Tot

This parent and child introductory water safety program put you in the water with your little one. This program is designed to teach your child to enjoy the water as they become more comfortable while playing with toys and singing songs. Whether you would like to have a private lesson in the comfort of your home or invite some friends or family to create a group we offer both options. If you prefer to use a community pool we are happy to meet you there too!

Toddlers & Preschoolers

Having fun while learning is the name of the game with this structured program. We use games and playing with water toys to make this a fun atmosphere and enjoyable experience for your children. Our youth swimming program focuses on basic water safety skills and survival self-rescue skills. 

As your young children become more proficient in the water we will work towards building self-confidence and learning how to swim independently.

Child ages 5+

Whether you are looking for a basic class for your non-swimmer or your child has been swimming and you would like to work on stroke mechanics and development we have the right program and instructor available. We encourage this age bracket to persevere, remain confident, and have fun while striving to reach their individual goals.

Adults & Seniors

We have a variety of programs available for adults ranging from first-time swimmers, aqua fitness classes, and certification courses.

First-time swimmers will be able to learn in the privacy of their own home with an American Red Cross trained swim instructor with at least 2 years of experience. You are never too old to learn and we focus primarily on comfortability and remaining calm. You will progress at your own pace and learn skills such as floating and kicking moving further into stroke mechanics when you are ready.

Private Swim Coaching

Private Coaching

Youth swim team coaching is offered for ages 4-12 broken down into 3 categories: Guppies age 4-6, Minnows age 6-8, and Sharks age 8-12. Children must be able to perform the front and back crawl, swim continuously 25-50 yards without breaks depending upon age and kick 25 yards continuously, flutter, breaststroke, and butterfly kicks.

The California Department of Education offers ISPE for students that would like to enjoy activities off-campus or outside of regular school hours. This program is available to any student entering grades 6-12 and consists of 2 lessons per week at 1.5 hours each lesson as well as a take-home assignment that must be completed by the student.

Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Fitness

Looking to stay fit and cool this summer? We have 3 programs to choose from each offering a different flavor based on your desired results and abilities.

  • Swan Fit is an overall fitness class for all ages designed to keep you fit and healthy without straining yourself. The water offers natural resistance which is especially helpful with proactive arthritis, injury, and other ailments. These are targeted full-body workouts incorporating cardiovascular fitness that will work on balance and coordination while increasing range of motion, joint flexibility, and building muscle strength.
  • Swan Lake is the dance party you have been looking for! You will have a blast with your friends while engaging in our high energy dance party for a total body workout. This class will have you burning calories while increasing your blood circulation and improving your muscular tone using low impact movements with modifications for injuries and ailments. Your knees, feet, and back will thank you for dancing with us!
  • Swan Strength is our program where we will challenge your stamina and build your overall strength and endurance. This class offers optional deep water and floating belts to push you to the maximum burn working you from the core out. We will have you feeling bikini ready in no time! 

Red Cross Safety Training Certification Courses

Certification Courses

You love the water and want to turn your passion into work, we can help with that too! Our American Red Cross certification courses include Lifeguard, CA Title 22, Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Basic Water Rescue, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, and First Aid/CPR/AED. We also offer review courses for certifications that are set to expire within the next 30 days to avoid having to retake the entire course.


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