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Mobile Swimming Lesson Pricing

Interested in our mobile at-home swim lessons for your family? We work with all ages and all abilities for your water safety needs. We follow the Red Cross curriculum and customize this approach depending on what you need. Our Team of Swim Instructors and Coaches are fully vetted, insured, CPR certified and are Swimming Swan ready. Our team averages 7 years experience!

Swim Lessons Pricing

  • There is a one-time swim registration fee of $20 per swimmer. Sibling(s) discount $10 per registration fee after the first child registers.
  • Any Pool Entrance Fees must be paid for by the client.
  • Due to Higher Rates of Pay, extended driving distances and tolls, select areas will have added surcharges. If an Instructor is more than 15 miles away, the added surcharge will range from $6 to $10 per lesson.
  • There is an $10 Premium Fee added to each lesson throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Counties this is due to higher gas and bridge costs.
  • Children ages 2+ to Adults benefit the most with a minimum of two swim lessons per week. Normally, beginner non-swimmers need between 8-16 lessons to self-rescue.
  • To begin private swim lessons, we require a minimum of four lessons per swimmer. Prorated refunds are gladly given on any unused swim lessons. For Safety Reasons, we allow a Maximum of 3 Swimmers in each lesson, the parent/tot class is the Only Class that allows from 1 to 6 Families in this Group Lesson.
  • Pricing of each lesson will be divided evenly between the number of swimmersEx. 45 minute parent & child lesson with 3 swimmers ($60 per lesson) will cost $20 per swimmer per lesson in a 4 lesson package.
  • Please note: We do not charge any credit card fees unless lessons are refunded. The CC fee of 2.9% of the total amount will be deducted from the balance if a refund is given.
45-minute Sessions | Parent & Tot Class (From 1 - 6 families)
45-minute Sessions | 1-3 Swimmers (Ages 3+)
60-minute Sessions | 1-6 Swimmers (Ages 3+)
90-minute Sessions | 2-9 Swimmers (Ages 3+)
2-hour Sessions | 2-12 Swimmers (Ages 3+)
2.5-hour Sessions | 3-15 Swimmers (Ages 3+)
3-hour Sessions | 3-18 Swimmers (Ages 3+)

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