Welcome to The Swimming Swan -Your California Connection for private swimming lessons and Event  lifeguards for hire!

We are Licensed Training Providers of the American Red Cross. Our Team of Swimming Instructors, Swim Coaches and Lifeguards are available for your water safety needs. We work with individual families, communities and various businesses that want an alternative aquatics program that is taught at your aquatics facility. We do our very best to accommodate to your schedule and customize swim lesson programs to your exact needs.  The average years experience of our Swim Instructors is 7.4 years!


We are a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in swim instruction, coaching, competitive swimming and lifeguarding. We focus on catering to your individual swimming and health needs. If you are looking for one-on-one swim lessons for your child or a new low-impact aquatics exercise for yourself and prefer to learn at home, The Swimming Swan is here for you! Our staff have gone through an extensive vetting process and thorough background screening. Our Team is fully insured.


The Swimming Swan’s mission is to spread our Aquatics safety movement and decrease the number of drownings annually.


  • Our initial goal is to build trust with the swimmer.
  • Our approach is centered on the individual student’s needs. We do not dunk or force skills.
  • We provide quality swimming instruction without unnecessary anxiety or stress.
  • Swimming skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction, and repetition.


Quality Instruction Focused on:

  • Self-rescue and survival skills
  • Intermediate stroke work
  • Advanced technical/competitive stroke work
  • Low-impact exercises incorporating stretching
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