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Lifeguards for Hire

Our Lifeguards for hire work remotely throughout our service areas so you never need to worry about having an extra set of eyes on the water. Our team practices preventative lifeguarding measures to minimize risk before it happens. If you’re hosting a private event around a swimming pool, its always best practice to have a lifeguard on deck. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) services are available in select areas.

Lifeguard Pricing

Small Event - Single Day
Large Event - Single and Multi-Day

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Premium Surcharge

  • If an Event is more than 10 miles away from an available Lifeguard staff member, Travel Fee’s will be added to the bill. 
  • Travel Fee’s range from zero to $200 per day depending on size, duration and distance to and from the venue.
  • San Francisco Bay Area: $15 hourly Surcharge per Lifeguard 
  • Palm Springs and Coachella Event Lifeguard Services: Minimum 4 Hour Event + Travel Fee. 
  • Sonoma and Napa Counties: Minimum 4 Hour Event + Travel Fee. 
  • Certificate of Insured/Additional Insured available for purchase.
  • Our lifeguards do not lifeguard any water slides or diving boards whatsoever.
  • All staff are covered under our Commercial General Liability Insurance + Worker’s Compensation Policy.
  • Non-Profits with verifiable EIN’s are refunded 10% after 7 days of services rendered.
  • Registration Fee’s and Travel Fee’s are non-refundable.
  • Credit Card Fee 3.5% added for each electronic payment.

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