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Child Swim Lessons

Your age 5+ children are going to love The Swimming Swan’s private at-home program designed specifically for this age group that can include 1-3 swimmers and is 45 minutes long. If you have been looking forward to taking your kids to the pool for a full day of activities and fun in the sun Level 3 is where the real swimming fun begins! If they have been sitting on the sidelines watching the “big kids” playing in the “big pool” they will be joining them in no time!

Child Ages 5+ Years Old. 1 to 3 Swimmers. 45 minutes in length. 

Goals for our youth swim lessons include:

Level 3 Skills

Open turn Front/Back Crawl

Swimming Freestyle & Backstroke

Submerged Object Retrieval

Working on Rotary Breathing

Jumping & Recovering to Wall – Deep Water

Breaststroke & Butterfly Kick

Continuous Swimming

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly

Intro to Diving – Kneeling & Standing

Download & Print the Swimming Swan Certificate of Achievement!

Make learning fun by marking your child's swimming progress after each lesson! Click on the button below to download & print the certificate and check off the skills that have been mastered.

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