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Senior Swim Lessons

Have you been putting off formal swim instruction for years due to a fear of the water? Do you finally want to face your fears and learn how to swim but at your own pace? We are here for you! Our private swimming instructors teach one on one in the comfort of your backyard pool or community pool. Learn to swim at a comfortable pace that suites your individual needs.

Feel free to Contact Us as we are here to help you conquer this most important life skill.

All skills are taught first by explanation, then by demonstration, correction and repetition.

Remaining calm & relaxed

Breath Control

Face In, Eyes open or Closed

Correct Body Positioning

Front/Back Floats

Flutter Kicking with a Kick Board

Intro to Freestyle

Intro to Backstroke

Intro to Elementary Backstroke


Open Turns

Rotary Breathing

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