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Does the Swimming Swan have a permanent facility in which swim lessons are taught?
Does your company have insurance?
I would like lessons done at my community pool and my HOA needs proof of insurance. Is this possible through the Swimming Swan?
Why should I choose private swim lessons over recreational swim lessons?

Lifeguard Services

What types of certifications do your lifeguards have?
We need a lifeguard for my child's birthday party. Can you assist?
My event is outside of your service area and I need a lifeguard, can you assist?
Our company needs a team of lifeguards for a 3 day weekend event, can you assist?
What equipment do your lifeguards have on them when they work at a site?

Swim Instructors

What qualifications do your swim instructors have?
What method of teaching do your instructors use?
Do your instructors teach at their own pools?

Lesson Package Details

How am I assigned my swim instructor?
Do you offer a trial swim lesson?
Do you offer a learn-to-swim guarantee?
What's a good age for my child to begin swim lessons?
Am I required to be in the water during my child's swim lessons?
How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?
How many swim lessons per week should someone enroll?
How many swimmers can be in one lesson?
Do you recommend floatation devices?
What pool temperature is recommended for swim lessons?


What is your cancellation policy?
What happens if it's storming at the time of my lesson?
What if a child is sick and is in a group lesson?
What happens if my event is cancelled and I no longer need a lifeguard(s)?
What is your swim lesson refund policy?


What are your rates?
Are there any added commute expenses?


What forms of payment do you accept?
When will I be charged for my swimming lesson package?
When will I hear from my instructor?
I registered with a group of swimmers, however, now it's just me. What do I do?

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