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Group and Private Swimming Lessons 

Our Red Cross Swimming Instructors teach swimming lessons to all ages at our municipal aquatic facility partner pools. Please reach out to us see if we have swimming lessons in a pool near you!

Swimming Lesson Programs

Our team of Certified Swim instructors comes directly to your home or community pool. They all have 2 years of previous experience before joining our team and follow the Red Cross Swim Lesson Curriculum with a slight variation depending on the swimmers’ exact needs.

Parent & Tots

Parents looking for a trusted program to teach your tots to swim for safety you have found the right place. We offer a variety of programs designed specifically to your needs including 45-minute one on one parent & tot swimming sessions in the comfort of your own home. 

In this interactive session, you will get into the water with your child and through the use of water toys and songs, your instructor will help your child get comfortable in the water while having fun. This is a 45-minute lesson available to children ages 6 months- 3 years. If you have a group of friends and family interested in learning together we offer lessons up to 8 families and will come to your home or a community pool.


Has your child already learned basic water safety and survival self-rescue skills and you would like them to become independent swimmers? Our level 2 independent swimming lessons will begin working on front and back glides, unsupported front and back crawls and, changing direction while swimming. As they progress we will continue introducing them to additional strokes such as Intro to elementary backstroke, intro to breaststroke, and swimming 5 yards independently. 

As your child progresses to level 3 they will begin working on rotary breathing and swimming freestyle & backstroke efficiently. We will introduce them to breaststroke & butterfly kicks and arm strokes while encouraging them to swim continuously for longer distances. In addition, level 3 includes submerged object retrieval, jumping & recovering to the wall in deep water along with an intro to diving. 

Adults & Seniors

It’s never too late to learn how to swim, our introductory adult lessons begin with a focus on teaching you to become comfortable in the water and stay calm. Our American Red Cross Certified swim instructors are caring and patient with at least 2 years of experience teaching swimmers before joining our team. Once you have become comfortable and are ready to progress we will begin teaching you some basic front and back floating and gliding techniques. 

From there we will introduce you to breaststroke and butterfly kicks along with elementary backstroke and flutter kicking. As you continue through the lessons you will learn breath control, rotary breathing, and treading in deep water. All skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction & repetition.

Adaptive Aquatics

If you or someone you love needs extra attention due to intellectual & developmental disabilities, congenital disorders, neurological system disorders, orthopedic impairments, or sensory impairments we have the perfect lessons for you. 

Parents and caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in water during these swim lessons as we work on water safety skills. We focus on creating a positive and enjoyable water experience while increasing strength, flexibility, and mobility. Your swimmer will also experience increased self-esteem and body awareness along with socialization and communication opportunities. Our experienced caring instructors will teach functional technical swimming skills through repetition.

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Adult Swim Lessons

Senior Swim Lessons

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