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Adult Swim Lessons

Our adult swimming lessons are available for communities interested in offering this invaluable skill for people ages 18 years and up. Many adults do not know how to swim and most would like to learn and this service type has always been much appreciated.


We provide a complete package of homeowners association aquatic programming which includes community exclusive websites and online resident portals that make registration, payment, achievement records and more very easy for everyone involved.

All skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction & repetition.


Breath Control

Front/Back Floats

Flutter Kicking

Front/Back Glides

Intro to Front/Back Crawl

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Kick

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Stroke

Elementary Backstroke


Treading in deep water

Front/Back Crawl Open Turns

Rotary Breathing

Intro to flip turns

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