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Adult Swim Lessons

Are you an adult looking to learn how to swim? You’ve come to the right place. It’s never too late to learn how to swim and swimming can benefit your life in a myriad of ways regardless of your age. According to the American Red Cross, one in five American adults do not know how to swim. Whether it be because of a bad childhood experience keeping you from the water, or that the opportunity to swim never presented itself, or even if the idea of swimming fills you with fear or dread. Don’t worry, The Swimming Swan is here to help!

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults


Our private in-home Adult swimming lessons are individualized — based on personal goals relating to your health, fitness goals and growth. These private swimming lessons are an introduction into the sport of swimming that are focusing primarily on comfortability and remaining calm. Then progressing into proper floating, kicking and further, into stroke mechanics and technique all at your own pace.  Our swim instructors are trained through the American Red cross and have had at least 2 years of experience teaching swimmers before joining our team. All skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction & repetition.  

Anyone can learn to swim, even if you’re past the age where it would have been an easily acquired skill. Being confident and comfortable in the water isn’t just a life safety skill, but something that will improve your quality of life. According to the CDC government website, from 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — that’s about ten deaths per day. Aside from the lifesaving ability that swimming has, there’s also a strong health benefit to it. Swimming is a full body cardio workout that focuses on your core, arms, and legs. It also keeps a lot of pressure off the joints compared to running. Apart from making you look great physically, swimming will also make you feel great mentally. Just 30 minutes of pool time three times a week improves sleep patterns, lowers stress levels and significantly reduces the chances of anxiety and depression. Swimming is one of those sports where spending extra time on technique really helps in the long run. The Swimming Swan is here to help you start your journey learning how to swim.

 Are you already a swimmer and are looking for a private swim coach or need to train for an event? Please visit our Personal Swim Coach page for more information. 


All skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction & repetition.


Breath Control

Front/Back Floats

Flutter Kicking

Front/Back Glides

Intro to Front/Back Crawl

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Kick

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Stroke

Elementary Backstroke


Treading in deep water

Front/Back Crawl Open Turns

Rotary Breathing

Intro to flip turns

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