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Adult Swim Lessons

Our private in-home Adult swimming lessons are individualized — based on personal goals relating to health, fitness and growth. These private swimming lessons are an introduction into the sport of swimming focusing primarily on comfort-ability and remaining calm and then progressing into proper floating, kicking and further, into stroke mechanics and technique.

If you are already a swimmer and are looking for a private swim coach or need to train for an event, please visit our Personal Swim Coach page.

All skills are taught by explanation, demonstration, correction & repetition.


Breath Control

Front/Back Floats

Flutter Kicking

Front/Back Glides

Intro to Front/Back Crawl

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Kick

Intro to Breaststroke/Butterfly Stroke

Elementary Backstroke


Treading in deep water

Front/Back Crawl Open Turns

Rotary Breathing

Intro to flip turns

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