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Senior Swim Lessons

Have you suffered from a fear of water for years? Are you looking for a health and wellness alternative to the heavy lifting and strenuous exercises of the past? You have worked much of your adult life and now is the time to enjoy yourself with leisurely activities. What could be more inviting than a day at the pool, lake, or beach with your loved ones enjoying the water?

Private Swim Lessons for Seniors


Learning how to swim as a senior can be daunting, many of our clients are embarrassed to learn in front of others. The Swimming Swan is here for you with our private at-home Red Cross Certified swim instructors. Our caring and patient instructors teach one on one in the comfort of your backyard pool or community pool. You will learn to swim at a comfortable pace that suites your individual needs.

Remaining calm and relaxed in the water is step one and your instructor is committed to helping you get there. Once you are comfortable in the water we will begin with putting your face in the water and even opening your eyes. From here, your instructor will begin teaching you front and back floats which are the foundation for swimming. Flutter kicking with a kick board that we provide will strengthen your legs and get you started with breath control. 

You have mastered the above skills and are ready to advance. You will be introduced to freestyle and elementary backstroke mechanics. We will focus on correct body positioning in the water to ensure your success. The sidestroke is a wonderful way to glide through the water at a comfortable pace and is one of the preferred strokes of seniors that you will learn. The sidestroke is considered a “rest” stroke and allows you to switch sides if one is getting tired to recover your limbs. Throughout your experience, we will also be working on rotary breathing, this will help keep your body aligned during your strokes. As you progress as a swimmer you will be capable of continuous swimming which is fantastic exercise. Swimming is mainly a cardio activity that will benefit your heart and can be done several times a day. 

It’s time to start taking the beach vacations you have dreamed of without fear! Imagine how surprised and excited your family will be when you get in the water and show off your new skills. Now is the time to overcome your fears and live life to the fullest. Let’s add a new life skill to your accomplishments, contact us to get started.


All skills are taught first by explanation, then by demonstration, correction and repetition.

Remaining calm & relaxed

Breath Control

Face In, Eyes open or Closed

Correct Body Positioning

Front/Back Floats

Flutter Kicking with a Kick Board

Intro to Freestyle

Intro to Backstroke

Intro to Elementary Backstroke


Open Turns

Rotary Breathing

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