Patricia Smith, Swim Instructor Patricia Smith

Swim Instructor Spotlight with Patricia Smith

By: Rose Beasley

Where do you live/from: I live in Palm Desert, CA. I was born in Chicago, IL but I grew up in Woodland Hills, CA.

Eva Learns to Swim

Please tell us all about your book (inspirations, purpose, etc):Well, during Covid last year, I was laid off from Saks fifth Ave as a Beauty Advisor. After reading a few books, watching a lot of TV, trying to knit, and doing crafts, I decided to do more. I had a swim client named Karen and her daughter Eva, a 3 yr old. For my birthday in April my boyfriend gave me an IPAD. So on our 3rd swimming lesson I thought about asking Eva’s parent's permission to film the lessons. Her dad said yes and from then on he filmed our lessons. By December 2020 I decided to make a swimming DVD "Eva Learns to Swim" out of the footage to help inspire all parents to get their kids swimming by the age of five. Then, I felt the need to write my first book "Parent & Child Swim Class."  I have always been told that  I have one of the best parent & child swim classes because  they are fun, educational and keep everyone’s interest.  I hired an illustrator, went through many boxes of swim pictures, put my story together and created my first book. I also have 2 more books coming out this fall.


What is something you would like everyone to know about you:I would like everyone to know I am a go getter, keep trying, keep growing,  and I always shoot for the moon. I like the saying go big or go home!

Patricia Book: Parent & Child Swim ClassPlease share your favorite swimming/lifeguarding memory: I remember saving a 3 yr old boy at the Disneyland Hotel pool. I was fully clothed and having lunch with my family when I saw a boy drowning. I jumped in to save him while his older brother froze and just watched. There were no Parents with them and the Security/ Lifeguards had to be called. A bonus was I got a free change of clothes from the gift shop, and we got fast passes for the rides that day. My kids called me a Hero.

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been swimming:Hawaii is the most beautiful place to swim.

Other than swimming, what is your favorite water sport:Swimming really is my favorite water sport!

What do you do for fun:I love listening to soft rock music,  gardening, and getting together with friends and family.

Growing up, what was your dream job:My dream job was to be a teacher. So, being an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor for over 25 yrs counts. I am also a CA licensed Esthetician and enjoy giving and getting facials.

What do you like most about working at The Swimming Swan:I have been with Swimming Swan since 2017 and  I like that the business is organized and the owner appreciates everyone’s qualities and experience.

What is your favorite food: Lobster Ravioli or sushi.

What would be your theme music to your life: Michael Buble’ songs and the Stones.

Who are your real-life heroes and why:I think Firefighters are the real heroes.  It's a tough job!

What is the best advice you have heard and given:Every child should learn to swim by the age of 5 yrs old. I think it should be a law.

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