Private Lifeguard Services at Lake Havasu, AZ!


Traveling lifeguards are not just something you see in the movies. How do we know?  We know because we have a team of lifeguards who travel to special water related events to make sure everyone stays safe. One such event was the recent Lake Brownies and Lemonade Weekend at Lake Havasu. The event was hosted by Pollen, a global marketplace for the best experiences in the world.  The event was three days and two nights of hotel takeovers, beach parties and concerts with special guests. It was our team's first time working with Pollen and the event was a huge success!

Although the event was fun and exciting, we want to point out how important having a team of lifeguards at the event really was.  Things can go from fun to frantic very quickly when a lot of people are gathered together at an event.  This goes double for events where pools, lakes, rivers, or any body of water is present. Relying solely on other attendees to keep a careful watch on the people around them is a disaster waiting to take place.  On the other hand, lifeguards are specially trained professionals who have the skills to spot and rescue someone who is drowning. The average person doesn’t have the reaction time and skills to recognize when someone is in trouble.

This is why lifeguard services are so important. In the event that someone is in danger or engaging in dangerous activities, the lifeguard has a whistle to alert those involved. In worst cases, lifeguards alert co-workers and emergency rescue when someone is seriously injured or goes under water. Also, lifeguards are not only excellent swimmers, they are also trained in emergency rescue procedures, including CPR. Our team practices preventative lifeguarding measures to minimize risk before it happens. If you’re hosting a private event around a swimming pool, its always best practice to have a lifeguard on deck. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) services are available in select areas.

Children's pool parties and school swim lessons are commonplace for them to work. These types of situations definitely require assistance as children can get into trouble in the blink of an eye. They can easily swim to a depth that’s too much for them and a quick-thinking lifeguard is a necessity. They also work in sports and health clubs. No matter how experienced you are at swimming, accidents can happen and a lifeguard should always be present. Generally, you’ll find most places have 1 lifeguard per twenty swimmers. If it’s children’s swim lessons or a party, this is usually fifteen children to one lifeguard.Drowning happens without a sound.

Our lifeguard management services are available for any homeowners association, community or municipality that needs seasonal or year-round services. From the initial on-site visit, our Aquatic Facility Operators (AFO) and/or Certified Pool Operators (CPO) are reviewing all documentation, equipment, zone coverages and more to provide leading industry, professional services. Drowning happens without a sound. This is why it is often referred to as the silent killer. Renting a lifeguard for your event takes the stress off of party hosts and provides peace of mind to everyone attending! Let us know how we can help you today.

For more information on our private lifeguard services at Lake Havasu Arizona events, please see: lifeguard services. 


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