The importance of School Teachers being First Aid and CPR Certified.

Accidents happen. This is just a fact of life. However, accidents are much more likely to occur when children are involved. As a teacher you are never in a position to ignore it. Minor or major accidents can turn catastrophic when they are not dealt with immediately. It is during these times that lacking the knowledge and ability to help is not only frustrating but can mean the difference between life and death. That is why it is important for teachers to get basic first aid and CPR training.

There are a number of situations where basic first aid and CPR training are crucial. Heart attack, stroke, poisoning, severe bleeding, and cessation of breathing are some situations when a victim needs immediate attention to prevent severe complications or death. There are also situations where initial treatment is crucial to improve healing outcomes, like broken bones, frostbite, stings, bites, and burns. When it comes to medical emergencies, schools and universities are not immune to this kind of occurrence amongst staff or students. Teachers, professors and even other students can benefit hugely by knowing CPR. This is a very simple procedure and  can be administered during the most critical time when waiting for paramedics to arrive.  Also, it can help prevent brain damage that can occur due to a lack of oxygen flowing to the brain.

CPR Skills

During a first aid and CPR course, you are taught how to deal with these and numerous other situations effectively. Training courses will not only focus on first aid procedures, but also how to overcome inhibitors to helping in an emergency situation. A simple one-day CPR certification class covering adult, child CPR & AED & first aid could make all the difference in an emergency.

The importance of teachers obtaining CPR and First Aid certifications cannot be emphasized enough. We live in an uncertain world and healthcare professionals cannot be everywhere at once. Always remember that knowledge is power. Accidents are not on the calendar for you to be ready for. Otherwise they would be tasks. Having the right knowledge on how to handle accidents when they do occur is a very empowering feeling.  Don’t rely on others to act and definitely don’t put off training until it is too late.

Children at School

At Swan Aquatics Water Safety Services we provide private classes for 6 to 10 students where we go to schools to certify teachers in CPR and First Aid. To learn more and to sign up just click on Red Cross CPR Classes in the box below.


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