Hot Tub Safety for Kids

Is it totally safe for kids to be in the hot tub or jacuzzi? 

By: Patricia Smith

The fact is kids are more sensitive to heat than adults. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics children 0-5 years old shouldn’t use a hot tub or jacuzzi. Kids can overheat, it’s too much for their delicate skin.

I was just on vacation in Phoenix Arizona and several kids were going from the swimming pool to the jacuzzi with parents following them. 

104 degrees is too hot for babies and toddlers! Hot water up to their neck raises a child’s core temperature faster than if the water is only up to their waist or shoulders. It's best to have tots sit halfway in the water on the top step or just their feet in.  When they are 5 years old and older, they can tolerate the heat better. 15 minutes max in a 98–102-degree jacuzzi. Plus, kids are usually wearing rash guards, arm floaties or swim diapers, the extra layers keep heat in…. they get hotter faster.

So, is it ok to say something to the adult allowing the 12-month-old tot in? I think so. Maybe they don’t know the risks. Yes, it’s fun to get everyone in the hot tub or jacuzzi together but, it’s really better for the kids if they don’t. Maybe it's refreshment time at the jacuzzi, have the kids sit with their feet in the jacuzzi drinking a bottle of water or a juice box to rehydrate… that could work. 

Pool rules are pool rules for your safety. 

Always remember don’t leave children unattended in or near a hot tub or jacuzzi. Adjust the temperature so it's suitable for children. Cover and lock the hot tub or jacuzzi when not in use. Lock the sliding door or have an alarm on the door.


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