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Adaptive Aquatics

Best Practices & Policies 


These lessons are all conducted one-on-one and we ask that parents either assist in-water or remain next to the pool, observing lessons and helping when applicable.


A few Best Practices we recommend: 

  1. Review Pool Rules prior to the first day of lesson such as waiting for the teacher before going into the pool.
  2. Discuss lesson achievements after each lesson.
  3. Bring a favorite toy or item that brings a sense of calmness and may help the swimmer become more comfortable.
  4. Bring a water bottle, towel and (goggles – if needed) to each lesson.
  5. Congratulating your swimmer for participating in swim lessons. This is crucial to fostering a warm, positive feeling around each lesson. If skills were attempted, then the swimmer is trying and thats all we ask.


Our Goal for our special needs swim lesson program is to provide:

  1. Water Safety skills and a safe environment
  2. Functional technical swimming skills
  3. A positive and enjoyable water experience
  4. Increased self-esteem and body awareness
  5. Increased strength, flexibility and mobility
  6. Socialization and communication opportunities
  7. Inclusion into group swim lessons whenever possible

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