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Cadence Pool Rules 



  1. All patrons entering the pool must have their Cadence Master Key Card in order to enter the premises or be with a Master Card holder at all times. Families are only allowed to bring in 2 guests to the pool outside of their family unit that are not Cadence residents. 
  2. Cadence Youth Master Card holders are NOT permitted to bring any guests into the facility unless they are also a Cadence Master Card holder.
  3. Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult and under their direct supervision at all times. 
  4. Use of the pool is at the users own risk. Lifeguards are not provided during regular mid day hours. There are Lifeguards on duty Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm to 10pm. 
  5. No animals are permitted within the gated pool area.
  6. Bicycles – they are allowed to park their bikes inside the pool gate. They are NOT allowed to ride their bikes in the pool deck. If they do this, please politely ask them to stop or leave the pool deck. 
  7. For any trespassers jumping the fence, they are not permitted to be on deck and should be escorted off the premises immediately. If they do not leave, call 911 as they are allowed on site. 
  8. Proper attire is required at all times. Swim suits and swim trunks required, no street clothing permitted in the pool (no cut off shorts, thong bikini bottoms, etcetera). 
  9. Clothing or personal effects should not be left unattended or unsecured. All personal belongings left behind will be held for fifteen (15 days) before being donated to a charity. The Association is not responsible for the loss any personal belongings. 
  10. Smoking and/or use of tobacco products, including but not limited to tobacco-free chew, electronic cigarettes, vaping, or any other product of this nature is prohibited within the gated pool area. 
  11. Users shall shower before entering the pool. Showering after using the pool is highly recommended to remove residual chemicals and minerals. 
  12. Persons with infections or communicable diseases and open sores are prohibited from using the pools, spas and showers. Pool users are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of refuse generated by their use. 
  13. Running, horseplay, yelling, excessive splashing and/or diving into the pools are not permitted. No one should be running or jumping into the pool. 
  14. A six-foot wide section of the pool deck perimeter shall be reserved for walking, safety and emergency purposes. No obstruction of any kind, including pool furniture, strollers or carriages shall be permitted in this area. Pool furniture shall not be placed in the pools.
  15. Oversized inflatable or flotation devices, including but not limited to: inner tubes, air mattresses, surfboards, balls, scuba gear, toys of any kind and floating chairs are not permitted in the pools. Small kickboards, personal flotation devices, water wings and flotation noodles will be allowed. 
  16. Food shall not be consumed on the pool deck. Chewing gum is not permitted. Trash should be disposed of in the containers provided. 
  17. Railings are designed to assist and guide pool users and not constructed to support a person’s body weight. Pool users shall refrain from using these features in a matter in which they were not intended. 
  18. Incontinent persons shall wear swim diapers or other apparel suitable for the purpose of containing solid and liquid waste. Swim diapers are required for all children not potty trained. 
  19. Association staff and community patrol shall have sole discretion to close the pools to all users for inclement weather, sanitation, accidents or other breaches of safety. Members and guests shall comply promptly with staff instructions to vacate the pool area. 
  20. Walkers and swimmers are encouraged to share lanes.
  21. Personal towels must be used when sitting or laying on chairs or loungers. 
  22. Gates shall be kept closed at all times. 


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